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Custom Dog Socks (Best Seller)

Select "YES" if you want to add your name to the sock design.
Maximum 10 Characters.
We will design base on the photo. Please upload a high quality image at least (2000x2000 pixel) with clear view of the pet face

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We all get cold feet sometimes. Imagine pulling on a comfortable pair of socks printed with your furry friend’s face.

Send us a picture of your dog, and we will print their beautiful face onto these amazingly cute and colorful socks!

“First of all, customer service ROCKED! Got the socks for my husband and he LOVED them! The picture of our pets on the socks was perfect and my hubs said the socks are the most comfy ones he now owns. He wants more. Highly recommend!”  Jessica M.

Made from high-quality materials, these socks are warm and cozy enough on their own. When we add your beloved pet’s picture on them, the socks will warm your heart as well as your feet.

Here’s what our Personalize Custom Pet Socks have to offer:

  • Breathable fabric means these socks let moisture evaporate to wick sweat away and keep your feet dry
  • Well-insulated for warmth and comfort
  • Durable and stretchy for a great fit
  • Machine washable for your convenience
  • Choose from 8 designer color options to go with any outfit
  • Trendy and fashionable design — personalized with a high-quality printing of your pet’s face (and name, if you want) on the socks

“I love the quality of the socks. The print also does not get distorted when worn and snaps back into shape afterwards. I’ve recommended this brand to so many friends. I can’t wait to order more.” - Joanne R.

Adding Your Pet’s Photo

  • Upload a picture of your pet above
  • Please send a square photo at least 2000 x 2000 pixels in size
  • The higher resolution the photo is, the better

Photo Guideline

Tip 1: Lighting is KEY. Please send photos that are taken on a sunny day or in a well lit room. Our artists will be working directly with your photo and will need to see the details of your pet. Color is a big component!

TIP 2 Close Up

We want to capture as much detail as we can. Try to capture a close of your pet sitting or standing up, not lying down. 


    Customer Questions

    Q: Does the photo have to be professional quality?
    A: If you can take the picture with your phone or tablet, that would be perfect. Please try to upload a photo where the dog's head is not cropped, blurred or has any obstructions.

    Q: Do you do cat socks???
    A: We also do cat socks, attach your cat picture in your order and we will process them for you. 

    Q: When you wear them, do the socks stay on?
    A: Yes, they stay on and don't slip down.

    Q: How are these socks? are they soft and do they fit good? I ordered a pair from a catalog similar to these and they were horrible, they were tight and I could barely get them on my feet.
    A: We made an extra effort to bring our customers only the best materials and quality to our Socks and as a result, our Custom socks are woven from a blend of high performance yarn to meet the toughest demands of professional athletes.

    Q: Do you accept Paypal?
    A: We accept PayPal, VISA, Mastercard and more

    Q: Can you do 1 picture with 2 dogs in it
    A: Yes you can customize your socks with up to 3 different face/dog pictures for any of our products. Just send us an email to and we will send you a custom invoice.

    Q: Can the socks be personalized with other animals as well?
    A: Yes, we can print any pet on the socks, from dogs, cats or hamsters to even horses, birds or snakes etc. We can also print human faces, kids’ faces and different objects.

    Q: Where do you ship?
    Besides the US, our personalized face socks can be delivered in various countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, UK, Germany, France.

    Q: Can I offer them as a gift?
    A: Our custom printed socks can be the perfect gift for dog lovers. You can offer them as Christmas gifts, for birthdays or any other special occasions.