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Custom Silverpet Necklace

We will create the necklace based on the photo you upload.
Select "YES" if you want to engrave on the back of the necklace.
To be engraved on the back of the jewelry. Maximum 20 Characters)

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All Pet Accepted! 50% OFF Today!

Made with premium 925 Sterling Silver, this necklace can be shaped based on a picture of your beloved pet.

Do you love your pet to bits? Are you looking for something permanent that will remind you of their cute little furry faces no matter where you are?

Try this Purr-sonalized Pet Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver.

With every purchase, you’ll get:

  • 1 necklace made from 925 high-quality sterling silver
  • 1 personalized pendant shaped exactly like the pet in a picture that you can choose freely. Note: One pendant per pet. If you submit a photo with two pets, we will only do one pet.
  • 1 detailed engraving of the words of your choice on the back of the pendant
  • 1 Silver necklace. Length 45 cm



This Personalize Pet Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver is a handmade product.

We carefully carve the outline of your cute pet into the 925 sterling silver, so it’ll take around 4-6 weeks (longer for international orders) for your order to be delivered. We will keep you updated of your order status via email.

We get swamped with orders quickly, so make sure to catch us while we still have slots open. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Join us on this mission to Love Pets For Life!